Blacklist is essentially a “Blacklist”

An advertising film production house led by the commitment to always create work with integrity, with an agile structure focussed primarily on storytelling regardless of budget or medium, we tell stories.

As filmmakers, we do our best to use our platform to create content that encourages black culture, no matter where the diaspora has taken you, in the hope that we are all inspired to better understand who we are.

We lovingly identify the traditional archetypes of fundamental storytelling, and then do our best to reconstruct them to have the right performances, mixed with authentic tones and textures. 

Blacklist is an ensemble of dancers, artists, musicians, hustlers and parents, all on a personal journey, seeking self and seeking heritage, and the result is what you see in our films, 

We have NEVER won any awards you may have heard of, or even shortlisted for that matter, however we remain optimistically open to it.

Blacklist is a house that is built on trust and inclusivity, whoever you are, you are all welcome.

Blacklist is a level 1 B-BBEE contributor.

Blacklist Films